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Saturday | December 28, 2002

Open Thead: 12/28

This is an open thread, but check out this interesting column: Shipping out Name of NY:

[The government is] going to take steel from Tower Two that was dumped at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island and ship it to Pascagoula, Miss., where they will build the USS New York at a local shipyard. It is being named in honor of the people who died at the World Trade Center.

As I happened to see both those trade center towers go down and take a lot of people with them, I cannot fathom why we send the name of the city and state, and steel for a building job worth $800 million, to Pascagoula, which still believes the Civil War never ended.

"They fly the rebel flag in our faces," Curley Clark, the head of that area's NAACP, was saying yesterday. "We tried to stop it, but they put on a huge campaign to fly that flag in our face. At the shipyard? Oh, they fly it all around there. We got some jobs at the shipyard. They have government contracts so they have to put our people to work. But the jobs all got brooms. It's a little bit better now because they got a different owner, Northrop Grumman from California. But they still got the rebel flag to let us know who they think we are. The USS New York? If there's anything these people hate, it's New York. Hate it."

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