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Tuesday | January 07, 2003

Leaves of Grass


Fareed Zakaria has a great piece up on the Newsweek web site: about the Bush administration's North Korea "strategy," such as it is.

There's a great line in it: "The reality is that no one has much leverage. North Korea is one of the two or three most isolated regimes in the world. Its people are eating grass for food."

I can just imagine the guys sitting around in the White House situation room:

Cheney: What are our options here, gentlemen? What do you recommend?

Foreign Policy Whiz Kid # 1: Well sir, our intelligence reports suggest the North Koreans have been reduced to eating grass.

Cheney: Do we have any figures on that?

Foreign Policy Whiz Kid #2: No sir, but satellite recon definitely shows they're doing it. Apparently, you can actually make a pretty decent Caesar salad out of grass if you . . .

Foreign Policy Whiz Kid # 1: (interrupts) Sir, if I could get back to my proposal?

Cheney: Yes?

Foreign Policy Whiz Kid # 1: Sir, the SecDef's people have assured us they can assemble the air capability to spray Agent Orange on every field and pasture in North Korea . . .

Cheney: You mean . . .

Foreign Policy Whiz Kid # 1: Exactly sir: We could threaten to cut off their grass supply.

Cheney: My God. That's brilliant!

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