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Friday | January 10, 2003

Back Despite Popular Demand

OK, I know I'm supposed to be gone, but kos still ain't back and poor Steve's having to jump from fire to fire here, and looks like he could use some help. So, like McArthur, Billmon has returned.

And in a couple of more years, I'll invade North Korea. (JUST KIDDING KIM JONG-IL. PUT THAT THING DOWN!)

Actually, I just popped in because after looking at today's top stories, I wanted to ask if anybody here remembers a Saturday Night Live sketch that ran back during the 2000 campaign -- featuring, of course, Will Farrell as His Dubyaness and the one who isn't Will Farrel as Al Gore. (I've never been too good with names).

Now those two did some absolutely brilliant work that season; best I've stuff I've seen on SNL in years. But the particular sketch I'm talking about is starting to look downright prophetic.

It was actually a series of three bits, each one a televised address from the Oval Office by President Gore, President Bush or President Nader (pigs flying, devils throwing snowballs).

Gore, of course, was the pompous, slightly effeminate science teacher you had in high school; lecturing us about global warming and chiding us for flunking his pop quiz -- "I'm looking in your direction, Idaho." (Yeah, that's where that came from.)

Bush, on the other hand, is shown crouching under his chair in abject terror, as lights flicker outside and a small barbacue grill smolders on his desk. His first line, once he's finally coaxed into poking his head on camera, is something like: "Boy, it's sure been a tough six weeks, hasn't it America? A war and a recession." Laugh. Pause. "Who ever heard of a civil war, anyway?" Big laugh.

We ain't laughing so hard now, are we?

UPDATE: One of our esteemed commentators, Shawn, has kindly provided us with a link to the actual text of Farrell's bit:

President George W. Bush: Awww.. [ jumps up and takes his seat ] Hey, America! So, how we all doing out there, huh? Yeah, not so good. I broke the Hoover Dam.. we had that war thing happen. But I mean, who ever heard of a Civil War, anyway? What is that? [ grabs a pair of binoculars, unscrews the lens, then pours alcohol from it into his mouth ] I have missed you, ol' buddy! [ pours it into his barbecue grill ] Whoo! I think we can agree, Americans, that these have been a difficult first two years of my presidency..

Incredible. One of the most amazing cases of life imitating art that I can ever remember.

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