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Monday | May 12, 2003

Bad Week for UK in Iraq

In response to the US/UK proposed UN resolution on Iraq (among other provocations), Clare Short has resigned as UK Secretary for International Development.

"... this resolution undermines all the commitments I have made in the House and elsewhere ..."
Short had threatened resignation earlier over the decision to wage war, but stuck with Blair on grounds of loyalty.

Further consternation arises in that Short's replacement has been appointed from the House of Lords, and thus will not be regularly available for questioning in Commons.

Tam Dalyell, Father of the House of Commons, raised questions today over the lack of care in custody of intelligence documents. (Dalyell is hiimself under fire for remarks regarding "Jewish influence" on UK foreign policy.)

Questions are also being raised in Commons over WMD's, legality of the conquest and its formative sequels, failure to restore basic services, Halliburton and Bechtel contracts (Foreign Secy. Jack Straw opines that these are legal in that they will be paid from US taxpayer funds, not Iraqi oil revenues), and lack of transparency in the Blair government's own decision-making process.

I'll update piecemeal today as details and reaction shots become available.

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