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Tuesday | June 04, 2002

Historic Latino-Latino NM guv campaign on tap?

Primary voters in several states head to the polls today. There is one race of particular interest to me: the GOP gubernatorial primary in New Mexico. The winner between State Rep. John Sanchez and Lt.Gov. Walter Bradley will earn the right to get crushed by former US rep, UN ambassador, and energy secretary Bill Richardson.

The GOP is salivating over a Sanchez victory, as it desperately wants to appear Latino-friendly not only in NM, but in the rest of the country. If Bradley wins, the Republicans will field an all-Anglo ticket in the only state in the union that is currently majority-Hispanic. If Sanchez wins, expect him to become a national rising star, as Republicans love to trot out their minorities every chance they get to show how "inclusive" they are.

And Sanchez would be a great prop in Bush's efforts to woo Latino voters.

Richardson is Mexican-American, and has a stellar reputation with Latinos nationwide. Indeed, he was mentioned once or twice as a potential veep candidate for Gore before the Wen Ho Lee fiasco tarred Richardson's reputation. He would have been the perfect trailblazer for a Latino on a national ticket -- he has an Anglo name and is light skinned. Very unthreatening. As is, assuming he wins, a Governor Richardson will be a clear force to be reckoned with in national political circles for the next decade to come.

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