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Sunday | June 16, 2002

Mass Dems push Romney issue

Just what exactly are MA Democrats trying to do? Just days ago, it seemed as though the stars were shinning on them, with GOP gubernatorial candidate on the defensive about his residency. Romney lies were being exposed daily, and a poll showed Romney's lead in the general election vanishing.

So the smart thing would've been to let Romney twist in the wind, spending the next few months off-message trying to rationalize his lies away. Instead, the state Democratic party challenged Romney's residency, transforming him from a shifty lier to a victim (remembe Clinton and Starr?). The MA all-Democrat congressional delegation quickly voiced its disapproval of the state party's tactics, while Shannon O'Brien, the Democratic frontrunner in the campaign, has denied any role at all in the challenge.

The spinsters in the party initially argued they were merely trying to force Romney to release his tax returns. However, that strategy was dealt a blow Friday when a judge ruled Romney didn't have to release his tax returns to prove residency. Yet, the party continues to press its challenge, making it appear petty, scared, and desperate.

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