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Wednesday | June 19, 2002

Simon's futile quest

In an interesting bit of strategery, the Republican candidate for governor in California has launched a Spanish-language ad campaign. In fact, it is Simon's first ads of the campaign, which makes his decision to launch in Spanish first quite interesting.

Now, the Latino community has always been very socially conservative (thanks to the strong influence of the Catholic church). Thus, it is not inconcievable for Republicans to make gains with the Latino electorate.

However, it is difficult to express in words just how villified the GOP is with California Latinos. After enduring a steady stream of anti-immigrant GOP-backed initiatives, it is all but impossible for a Republican candidate to attract any significant Latino support. Indeed, that is one reason for the state GOP's slide into irrelevance.

And Simon is not a new, immigrant-friendly type of Republican. Just check out the following statements of support for anti-immigrant measures, and the subsequent monumental flip-flop:

In his primary campaign as he sought to appeal to conservative Republicans, Simon made controversial statements regarding Proposition 187, the anti-illegal immigration measure handily approved by state voters in 1994. In a radio interview, he told KRLA Los Angeles radio host Terry Anderson that he opposed Proposition 187, though he said "I support the concept" of the measure, which in part was designed to cut off health care assistance, social services and education to millions of undocumented immigrants in California.

Simon also said that if elected he would reconsider submitting Proposition 187 to appeals courts and would "absolutely" consider placing National Guard at the borders and closing down sites where illegal immigrants get work.

But Russo said Tuesday that Simon said he doesn't support such measures and would not open 187 for legal challenge if elected governor.

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