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Tuesday | June 25, 2002

Blame where blame is due

Bush is pleading for Congress to raise the debt limit. Predictably, Bush argues that if we don't raise the debt limit, the terrorists have won.

Actually, he said raising the debt limit was essential "as we fight for freedom" against terrorists. Jeez...

The debt limit battle is a thorny one for the GOP. Voters and the party's fiscally conservative wing don't generally like deficits. So, looking for political cover, Republicans blamed the war, they blamed the recession, they probably blamed Bill Clinton, and then tried to hide the debt limit increase deep inside a terrorism-related bill.

House Democrats killed that chickenshit effort. They are demanding a stand-alone bill that would put a glaring spotlight on the nation's GOP-led return to massive deficits and ballooning debts. Oh, and also a debate on taxes and the raiding of social security to help balance the budget.

House Republicans want none of that. The tax cuts are sacrosant. If that's what they believe, good for them. But they should then proudly and openly vote to raise the debt limit.

The debt celing should be lifted, but not without making it painfully clear where the blame should lie. Force the GOP to pass the debt limit increase on an open, high-profile party-line vote.

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