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Wednesday | July 03, 2002

Halliburton gets free pass

The US government announced a list of 86 companies fined for trading with nations on the US' "enemies list". The list includes nations such as Iran, Iraq, Cuba and North Korea.

Among the businesses fined were Ikea, for purchasing rugs made in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and the LA Dodgers, for signing two Cuban players. Yet, there was one company conspicously missing from the list.


While Cheney was in charge of the company, Halliburton opened an office in Tehran (which, in case the Treasury Department doesn't realize it, happens to be in Iran). In addition, Cheney's Halliburton also signed two oil contracts with Iraq worth $73 million.

Phew! That's some havy duty trading with "enemy" nations. Yet Halliburton seems to have gotten a free pass. But never fear, because the next time Ikea, a Swedish company, tries to purchase 150 rugs from Taliban-controlled areas, the US government will be there to halt such heinous acts! (Never mind that at the same time Ikea bought those 150 rugs, the Bush administration had given the Taliban a $43 million gift...)

Anyway, remember that unbiased and comprehensive probe of Halliburton promised by the SEC? Well, turns out that after one month of investigating, the SEC still hasn't contacted Cheney.

Why am I not surprised?

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