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Wednesday | July 03, 2002

Confidence in Bush waning

This poll by the American Research Group has some interesting findings, most of which spell trouble for Bush. Note that this poll was taken before the latest business scandals erupted (June 27-30).

  • Bush's approval rating is still high, 67 percent, but still showing a decline.
  • 47 percent of respondents rate the economy 'Bad', 'Very Bad', or 'Terrible'. Only 42 percent rate the economy 'Good' or 'Very Good'. Not a single respondent rated the economy 'Excellent'.
  • 61 percent said the economy is getting worse. Only 5 percent thought so in May, and 14 percent in June, a 47-point shift in just a month.
  • 51 percent approve of the way Bush is handling the econony. 38 percent disapprove. This is a 19-point drop since May.
  • When asked to describe their feelings toward the Bush presidency, respondents answered thusly: Angry, 5 percent; Worried, 27 percent; Confused, 14 percent; Hopeful, 38 percent; Happy, 15 percent.
So, while 67 percent approve of Bush's job, only 53 percent feel happy or hopeful about his presidency. I'm not sure how to reconcile that, only that the 14 percent who are confused are, in effect, really confused.

Oh, and this poll tells us that Hillary is the country's ideal First Lady.

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