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Thursday | July 18, 2002

Perry gets support of Texas car dealers

This story is viewed as a positive for Texas Democrat Tony Sanchez, currently running for governor. In short, reliably Republican car dealers have abandoned Texas Guv Perry and swung their financial support to Sanchez. This is apparently significant because the dealers have one of the largest PACs in the state.

Does Sanchez really need that kind of support? Car dealers are not the most beloved people. In fact, they are usually downright sleazy. And, they are supporting Sanchez because the governor vetoed anti-consumer bills that would've benefited the industry (including raising the fees they could charge car buyers).

Sanchez scored a coup when Texas doctors defected from the dark side to support his campaign. But I wouldn't go around bragging about the car dealers. Especially when they offer quotes like this:

"I have been a lifelong conservative Republican," said Mr. Reynolds, managing partner of Prestige Ford in Garland and a former national chairman of the Ford Dealer Council. "I have waved the flag for the Republican Party. But the sense I get is Tony Sanchez is so much more pro-business than Rick Perry that I've got to go with him."
Brilliant. That ought to go well with Enron/Halliburton/Harken in the background...

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