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Monday | July 22, 2002

Site updates

I have started to add user-definable style sheets to the site (see the left column). That means visitors will be able to select the "look and feel" of the site they like best.

The most practical of these style sheets is "Big Fonts", which allows visitors to view the site using a larger font size. So if your eyesight is fading, I've got you covered. I've also added the genesis of a third style "Gray". It's got some work left on it, but I wanted to show off this cool feature as quickly as I could. I will finish up "Gray" within the next couple of days, and periodically add new styles as the mood strikes.

Anyway, I spent the last week helping a fellow blogger migrate to MovableType and improve the look and functionality of her site. It was a pretty fun experience, and I am willing to offer such help to anyone that needs it. I will volunteer my services to my colleagues on the left side of the political spectrum. If you are a centrist or rightist, I can also help set-up or improve your site. But given your unshakable belief in capitalism and the free market, I would have to charge you a modest fee.

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