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Thursday | July 25, 2002

GOP sweats coming elections

Everyone's favorite Prince of Darkness has joined the chorus, lamenting the Catch-22 Republicans face -- they must "do something" to assuage jittery voters, even if it might make matters worse. Thus, Republicans must repudiate one of their core beliefs and call for greater regulation of the business community.

Additionally, there's growing resignation amongst Republicans that the WOT will not lead to electoral success. Not only did Democrats stand tight with the president while he waged his "war", but voter attention is now firmly focused on the economy. Notice how the Lindh plea caused nary a ripple? More important things are afoot. Like basic economic survival. And recent polls have confirmed the shifting national mood. As Novak put it:

[Republicans are saying] "It's the economy, stupid!''--a message to the White House that preoccupation with the war against terrorism is no longer viable for the 2002 elections.
And the NY Times has this gem:
[Recent] White House moves are part of a strategy, albeit a defensive one, to contain fallout from the accounting scandals and the volatile stock market they have helped produce. The maneuvering appears to reflect a deepening anxiety within the White House and the Republican Party that candidates seeking election in November could be in peril in the wake of accusations that the party is too close to big business.

Some Republican incumbents are accusing the White House of reacting too slowly and too tepidly. And they complain that Mr. O'Neill has been missing in action as a public voice to reassure investors.

"There is a strain, no question about it, between House Republicans and the White House," said a Republican campaign consultant. "The strain is caused by a sneaking suspicion that he's worried about '04 and they're worried about '02."

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