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Thursday | August 01, 2002

Loyal to a fault

During Bush's 2000 campaign, Cheney was charged with interviewing vice presidential candidates. He went through the motions of interviewing a half dozen top Republicans, before concluding that he, Cheney, was the best option. Bush happily went along with that underwhelming recommendation.

Now that the administration faces its "Cheney problem", it is fun to wonder whether Bush is bitter about his decision. This is not to imply that Cheney is under fire. If there's one thing that Bush has shown (and I admire this) is that he's loyal to a fault. While his administration is more nakedly political than even Clinton's, Bush has shown time and time again that personal trust and loyalty trumps all political considerations.

Some argue that Bush simply cannot admit to making a mistake, thus he sticks with Ashcroft, White, Pitt, and O'Neil even as the press, pundits, and congressmen scream for their resignations. Bush is clearly incapable of admitting a mistake, but his loyalty goes deeper than simple CYA. It is genuine. Perhaps the only part of Bush that isn't stage managed or reek of hypocrisy. How else can anyone explain Army Secretary White? He would've been long-gone in any other administration.

So Cheney soldiers on, fundraising away, steering far clear of any reporters, SEC investigators, or Judicial Watch process servers. Bush will defend Cheney to the death, but one can't help but wonder if Bush ever regrets taking his friend's VP recommendation.

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