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Thursday | August 22, 2002

Happy days ahead for Dems

Here's the first of what should be many commentaries on Judis and Teixeira's new book, The Emerging Democratic Majority:

From all indications, this fall's midterm elections should confirm the Judis-Teixeira thesis. The Democrats have gained seats in the three most recent congressional elections. They could win back the House on Nov. 5 and are favored to win key governorships. For the Democrats, happy days may be here again.
I previously discussed the book's preview article in the New Republic, but expect it to cause a major splash as the book finally makes into print.

MyDD has some compelling additional thoughts:

[I]t's arguable that parts of the Upper Midwest has been trending toward the Republican Party over the last decade or so-- IA, WI, MN are not near as Democratic strongholds as they once were. Although, without the Green Party's Nadar, WI & MN would probably have not been as contentious in 2000. The other trend is that the Democratic Party is emerging in the Sun Belt states-- AZ, NM, and NV. This is in large part due to the coalition that Judis and Teixiera present.

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