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Saturday | August 31, 2002

A look at Georgia politics

New blogger Dwight Meredith has a comprehensive look at the Georgia Senate race.

Given the strong position Cleland occupies, why does Karl Rove rate the race “strong possibility of Republican pickup”? How does Chambliss plan to overcome the many political assets held by Cleland? Traditionally, Republicans have attacked Democrats in the South with a charge of “too liberal.” It appears that “Max is too liberal” will be the theme of the Chambliss campaign as well. Chambliss' campaign argues that “Cleland is out of touch with much of Georgia, racking up an extremely liberal voting record while most of the state is conservative.”
Meredith goes on to argue that Cleland has mostly innocculated himself against the "too liberal" charge.

Also courtesy of Meredith's blog, I came across this great Atlanta Journal-Constitution column explaining why a conservative state like Georgia, in which Bush beat Gore by 12 points, has Democrats in control of the governor's mansion, both branches of the state legislature, both Senate seats, and -- after November -- the state's House delegation.

Republicans, of course, blame Georgia Democrats for their predicament, and there's some truth to the complaint. State Democratic leaders do work the levers of power well, as demonstrated in the craftiness of their redistricting maps. Still, it's downright comical to hear Republicans essentially accuse Democrats of playing politics with politics.
And, ultimately, the writer blames the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) phenomenon:
In recent years, Republican primary voters have been more interested in ideological purity than the ability to win or govern. As a result, they have rejected strong candidates...
Ironically, Georgia Democratic senator Zell Miller is a top target of the Democrat's nascent DINO movement -- a tactic I have previously rejected as counterproductive to progressive interests. If anyone doubts the damange INO-ism can wreak, Georgia is exhibit A.

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