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Friday | September 06, 2002

Romney a "CPA"?

Bear Left's Tim Francis-Wright has found a silver lining in that disastrous lawsuit against Mitt Romney by the Massachusetts Democratic Party:

Mitt Romney has started airing ads in which he promises to "audit the Big Dig" (such a good idea, three Republican regimes in Massachusetts have already done it, of course). Particularly interesting is his promise in the ad to "personally inspect" the spending in question.

Finally, a chance for the Democrats to use the fruits of their depositions earlier this year. Can we really trust Romney's idea of inspection when he (1) failed to notice a $50,000 property tax break on his Utah house; or (2) failed to realize that he filed a non-resident tax return?

Just a bit more background -- the "Big Dig" is the nation's largest public works project, a laudable effort to replace the unsightly Boston leg of I-93 with an underground tunnel under the city. The project has been extensively mismanaged, and cost overruns have been in the billions. But as Francis-Wright notes, the notion of Romney personally poring over financial statements spanning tens of billions of dollars is ridiculous, especially when he couldn't keep his own house in order.

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