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Wednesday | September 11, 2002

McBride declared winner by Miami Herald

Florida's bizarro electoral system might have produced yet another tainted victor. The Miami Herald has decided McBride has the numbers on his side. However, Reno's camp is considering a legal challenge.

Reno's campaign advisers were divided on the subject of a court challenge, with lawyer Joe Geller and others said to be pushing for a court fight based on rampant voting irregularities in South Florida that the campaign believes turned many black voters away on Tuesday.

Other Reno strategists argued privately Wednesday that a protracted legal battle would tear apart the Democratic Party and only suck away legitimacy from McBride should he be the nominee.

Ironically, had Bush cleaned up the state's electoral mess, he might've been the beneficiary of the Dem primary. It has been clear Bush fears facing McBride, who would clearly make a more formidable opponent than Reno. Yet yesterday's election problems seem to have legitimately hurt Reno's chances. The final count will show McBride's margin of victory between 2,000 and 11,000 votes out of almost 1.5 million votes. A clean election may have given Reno enough votes to overcome McBride's margin of victory.

It appears Jeb is about to receive his Karmic due.

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