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Friday | September 13, 2002

Kirk holding on to Republican support

In the heavily Republican Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Kirk is getting 45 percent support vs. Cornyn's 50 percent. If Cornyn hopes to be the next senator from the Great State of Texas, he's going to have to do better. The area's local Republican operation is panicking:

There are a few people who have sort of lost sight of the difference between Ron Kirk and John Cornyn. They just have to make the distinction between a nonpartisan situation and a partisan situation.
The quote above is from the chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. And he seems to be saying that Dallas residents are too stupid to realize that Kirk and Cornyn are different people. And then he seems to imply that a vote for Cornyn would somehow be a "nonpartisan situation".

In any case, Kirk seems to have earned earnest and solid support from many local Republicans:

"You're voting for a person," said [Republican David] Biegler, former president and chief executive of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce. "You're not voting for George Bush's agenda, or against it."

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