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Wednesday | September 18, 2002

Someone else said it better than I

This post by Max Sawicky is so good I'm going to quote it wholesale:

George Bush, August 15, 2002:

. . . But in that particular bill they added $5 billion I didn't ask for. . . . So the message is clear: in order to make sure we don't put a drag on our economic security measures, or economic growth, we've got to be fiscally sound in Washington, D.C., fiscally responsible with the people's money. (Applause.)

From today's New York Times:

In an interview with The Journal, Mr. Lindsey dismissed the economic consequences of spending what he estimated might be 1 percent to 2 percent of the national gross domestic product on a war [i.e., $200 billion -- mbs], and said that it would not seriously affect interest rates or add a great deal to the $3.6 trillion federal debt. As a one-time war cost over one year, the estimated expenditure, Mr. Lindsey said, was "nothing."

Of course, Max neglects to mention how the $5 billion security bill had such nefarious pork items as aid for veterans and firefighters...

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