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Thursday | September 19, 2002

McBride's uninspiring running mate

McBride down in Florida had a chance to select an exciting running mate -- either a Latino, African American or woman. Instead, he chose a graying state senator and former bank executive. MyDD applauds the choice, arguing Tom Rossin will help garner the critical senior vote. I'm not so optimistic. Not only has McBride surrendered the positive media coverage a more dynamic choice would've garnered, but chosing an ex business executive in today's anti-corporate climate is puzzling.

Jeb has already seized on Rossin's bussiness past:

[A Bush campaign] press release quoted a 1993 Miami Daily Business Review article that claimed that Rossin -- as president of Flagler Bank -- presided over a merger that resulted ''in over 150 working people being fired'' while Rossin and other managers ``took home big bonuses.''

The press release claimed that Rossin received $338,000 from the bank's deferred-compensation plan and a bonus of $137,000.

''McBride has tried to sell himself as a candidate of the working people, but his record and the choice of his running mate prove differently,'' said Bush spokesman Todd Harris.

Rossin and McBride have shrugged off the charges, and there's no way to tell of they have legs, but Rossin's choice will provide Jeb with a whole new line of attacks against the challengers.

On the plus side, Rossin hails from South Florida, where McBride got slaughtered by Reno. But whether Rossin can help motivate minority voters remains to be seen.

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