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Tuesday | October 01, 2002

KS, CA, and AZ updates

A new SurveyUSA poll shows Democrat Kathleen Sebelius has widened her already considerable lead in the Kansas gubernatorial contest. Now leading 57-37, Sebelius is drawing support from a whopping 42 percent of registered Republicans.

(Like many people, I do not trust the methodology of SurveyUSA polls. But the results are consistent with other reputable polls in the race.)

Now, desperate Republicans are reduced to whining about Sebelius' genealogy:

At meetings in both Wichita and Topeka, the men [Shallenburger and Bob Dole] reminded party members that Sebelius does not hold traditional Republican values, despite having the same last name as former GOP Congressman Keith Sebelius, her father-in-law.

"She married into the family," Shallenburger said.

In an aside, Sebelius is part of an exciting new trend in politics this year -- the woman governor. There have only been 19 female governors in the country's history. Five women are currently serving, but three of them (in AZ, MA, and NH) are off the ballot. However, women are favored to win in AZ, MA, MI, KS, MD, and HI, which could mean eight women governors next January. Not only is this good as it shatters another glass ceiling, but the governorship has always been a training ground for future presidents -- and that's the ultimate glass ceiling.

Back to governors, California's Gray Davis is pulling away from his incompetent challenger, and now leads by 10 points (45-35). Davis is still below the magical 50 percent mark, so this race hasn't been put away, but in all practicality, this race is over. If the GOP could pull a New Jersey and dump Simon, their chances to beat Davis would be far higher. But conservative pundits have convinced Simon that he's the heir to Ronald Reagan's legacy, and they couldn't pry him off the ballot. California's GOP voters screwed themselves by electing the crooked and ultra-conservative Simon. Serves them well.

One interesting finding in the poll is that while 60 percent of Democratic voters were unhappy with Davis (including me), a whopping 67 percent of Republican voters were unhappy with Simon. This is one miserable election. You people in New Jersey don't know how good you have it!

While in Arizona, Democrat Janet Napolitano has seen some of her support eroding, and now trails Republican Matt Salmon 41-38. Though the numbers are within the margin of error, it still shows Napolitano losing traction.

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