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Wednesday | October 02, 2002

Economy center stage

Despite Bush's herculean efforts to the contrary, prospects for an Iraq war are dimming and public attention is starting to refocus on the economy.

Friday's dismal stock market showing will ensure that the quarterly 401(k) statements will hit many hard, layoffs continue, many are unemployed or under-employed, and times are generall bleak. And all the war talk in the world hasn't prevented the economy from being public issue number one according to two recent polls -- one from Zogby and the other from Washington Post/ABC.

Democrats, aware that economic concerns can work in their favor on Election Day, have tried to steer public discourse in the direction of the economy. But, like stubborn compass needle, the White House has managed to pull public attention consistently toward the confrontation with Saddam Hussein.

That appears likely to change as Nov. 5 draws near. Democrats are sure to play up economic issues. And now, some Republican backbenchers are concerned that they not appear to be ignoring key voter concerns.

"We're playing like a football team that had a good first-half lead, and now we're trying to run out the clock and play defense. We're hoping that a focus on the war will take us through the election, and I don't think it will," says Rep. Jim DeMint (R) of South Carolina.

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