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Monday | October 07, 2002

Reno pushing hard for McBride

Reno spent Sunday introducing McBride to her South Florida supporters. Her trademark red pickup now sports a "Bill McBride for Governor" bumber sticker, and she is actively delivering her ardent supporters in Miami's non-Cuban ethnic communities to McBride.

At every church, Reno was greeted with cheers and applause. And at several churches, she was the one to introduce McBride, who spent most of the primary campaign in North and Central Florida, strategizing that the Democratic Party's South Florida stronghold would in the end support the nominee.

But many said they're doing so primarily because of Reno's word.

''We know you're not going to let anyone let us down,'' Ossie Conley, a North Miami Beach retiree said to Reno after services at New Birth Baptist Church. ``Because Janet's saying it's all right, we'll go with Mr. McBride.''

I can't remember the last time that primary opponents have worked so closely together for victory in the general election. Contrast this with New Hampshire, where Sen. Smith's half-hearted endorsement and subsequent silence are encouraging a spirited write-in effort on his behalf.

If McBride pulls off a victory at the end of the day, I predict the genesis will be traced to the Democratic primary campaign -- three opponents who refused to go negative on each other, and who are now working together in pursuit of this election cycle's ultimate prize -- Jeb's head on a platter.

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