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Friday | October 11, 2002

Disgusting GOP ad in GA

Alrighty now. All you GOPhers out there crying about those mean, mean Democrats in Montana, whadda you have to say about this Chambliss ad in Georgia? I'll let Josh Marshall take it away:

before Republicans get too self-righteous about that ad, take a look at this one that Republican challenger Saxby Chambliss is running against Democrat Max Cleland in Georgia. The ad luridly hacks away at Cleland for being soft on defending America and says Cleland is lying when he says he has the "courage to lead" and defend the United States.

You may remember that Cleland lost three limbs on the battlefield while serving as an Army Captain in Vietnam in 1969. (The washed-out black and white images of Cleland in the ad are conveniently cropped around the face and upper body so as not to show any signs that Cleland is a triple-amputee.) Saxby Chambliss's House website bio contains no mention of any military service.

Lower than low.

For the record, I think Baucus' ad in Montana crossed the line, though it seems increasingly clear Taylor used it to quit the race with some modicum of pride (losing to a Democrat in Montana can't be good for the ego). The issue was legit, but the imagry was designed to ridicule Taylor. That doesn't jive well with me.

But Baucus' doesn't come within a million miles of Chambliss -- a chickenhawk accusing a triple-amputee of being soft on defense. The arrogance! Cleland is a national hero, having proved his courage under enemy fire in a way most of us will never understand. Chambliss is slime (what was his excuse? Did he have "something better" to do during Vietnam?). What were his people thinking?

I will be extra happy to see Chambliss' ass nailed to the wall on election day.

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