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Tuesday | October 15, 2002

Bush, the fundraiser in chief

Republicans used to call Clinton the "fundraiser in chief", but Clinton had nothing on Bush -- raising three times as much money as Clinton did in the comparable time frame.

But he's not done. Considering the grave dangers the nation faces from Saddam's killer terror squads, and given the recent spate of Al Qaeda attacks, it's a good thing he will put the nation's business first by spending 14 straight days campaigning for GOP candidates. And all on the taxpayer's dime.

"No President in history has campaigned this aggressively for as sustained a period," a senior Bush official said. "He's been relentless - and it's entirely appropriate given the punishment the Senate Democrats have visited on him."

Bush has told friends he's absolutely determined to become the rare President who actually picks up House seats in a midterm election.

Bush's frantic campaigning can be a blessing or a curse. By tying himself so closely to so many candidates, Bush is making this election about HIM. If he gains seats, he can claim the country is behind him and he can claim some sort of mandate (not that he's ever needed a mandate to push his agenda).

However, if he loses, he won't be able to claim the candidates lost on their own merit. Each individual race is now a referendum on Bush's performance, and each one he loses (especially the close ones) will highlight any vulnerabilities he might have. Given the way the polls look right now and the poor state of the economy, there's no way Bush can buck history and actually pick up House seats. If the GOP loses big in November, whatever shred of a "mandate" Bush ever had would be tattered in shreds.

And how about that laugher line -- the "punishment the Senate Democrats have visited on him"? What, he's had three judges rejected? No drilling in ANWR? The horror! Jesus. If Clinton had only had it this easy...

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