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Thursday | October 17, 2002

Oklahoma guv race in play

Once again, the unthinkable is happening and what should be a safe GOP seat is up for grabs. In Oklahoma, GOP guv candidate and former football star Steve Largent is reeling after losing his temper on camera and using profanity.

Largent was on a hunting trip in Idaho on [Sept. 11] and was out of communication, and did not learn of the ... terrorist attacks until two days later. But in the interim, his staff had issued a statement with his reaction even though they were not in touch with him.

In the interview, a reporter for the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma City questioned Largent about his absence at the time.

He also asked Largent about what he was doing during the past two presidential State of the Union addresses. Largent said in the interview that he watched one on television and was in New Mexico during the other. On the latter occasion, he was taping an ad for the National Rifle Association.

Largent then lashed out at the reporter, using a curse word to describe what he thought of the questions.

To me, this episode seems benign, but it's apparently generating a great deal of controversy in conservative Oklahoma. Independent candidate Gary Richardson has aired ads criticizing Largent for the episode, while Democrat Henry is also angling (but more subtly) to take advantage of the gaff.

Henry would not be competitive with Largent in a two-man race. However, Richardson is drawing double-digit support. The last poll on the race gave Largent only a 6-point lead, just within the poll's margin of error, and that was two weeks ago, prior to this gaffe. Now, even if Orza and Richardson pick up only a few points each at the expense of Largent, it's a whole new ballgame.

Who would've ever thought Dems would be favored in the Kansas governor's race while running competitive campaigns in Wyoming and Oklahoma?

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