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Friday | October 18, 2002

Stickin' it to the Georgia GOP

You've got to hand it to GA gov. Roy Barnes. By announcing he landed a new $750 million DaimlerChrysler plant in his state, he has given a huge boost to the state's entire slate of Democratic candidates. The plant will directly employ 3,300, with an average salary of $47,000, giving the state a huge economic boost in rough times. And all the Republicans can do is cry that the announccement was timed for maximum political gain.

No shit. Not only did the news take the spotlight off Pres. Bush's visit (ignored in Florida and Georgia!), but coming just before the election should give Democrats plenty to crow about.

But the GA GOP has no reason to complain -- these are the morons running ads suggesting American hero Sen. Max Cleland is soft on defense and lacks "courage to lead" -- despite being a highly decorated Vietnam War vet and triple-amputee. They want to politicize the war, yet prevent Barnes from taking credit for a major economic accomplishment.

Well, it will be up to the voters in Georgia to mete out the appropriate punishment.

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