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Saturday | October 26, 2002

Dems want Mondale to run

It's not the most exciting choice IMHO, but national Democratic Party leaders are pushing hard for Walter Mondale to pick up where Sen. Paul Wellstone left off.

Regardless who gets chosen, Republicans are now pessimistic they can take the seat.

Any Democratic replacement will have only a week to establish himself, which is why the party was seeking such a prominent figure as Mr. Mondale. Republicans and Democrats alike said that Mr. Coleman's task would now be more complicated as he tries to find a way to keep his campaign alive without running against Mr. Wellstone's legacy.

"They had a shot at Wellstone and at this point someone else steps in," said Ed Rollins, a Republican political strategist. "It makes it very difficult."

And, as I wrote this morning, the tragedy may give Sen. Carnahan a boost in her tight Missouri race:
Some strategists said the crash might have an effect in the Missouri race, where Mrs. Carnahan is facing a stiff challenge from James Talent, reminding voters there of the way she came into office and bringing her more support.

Mrs. Carnahan canceled her one campaign appearance of the day in Mr. Wellstone's memory. In a statement she said, "A proud and passionate voice for working people has been silenced today."

I still believe the tragedy may have coattails beyond Minnesota and Missouri -- as Wellstone is eulogized, his politics praised, and his legacy debated. Sen. Johnson in neighboring South Dakota may well receive a boost (even a slight one could propel him to victory), while Dems in Wisconsin and Illinois could also benefit from the good vibes.

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