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Thursday | October 31, 2002

Bush stumps for Thune in SD

Starting a marathon 16-state tour on behalf of GOP candidates, Bush hit South Dakota on behalf of Thune, Janklow and Rounds. Thune (Senate) and Janklow (House) are both neck and neck with their respective Democratic opponents. Rounds will easily cruise to victory in the governor's race.

A poll released yesterday gives Sen. Johnson a narrow 2-point lead over Thune, 47-45, while another poll gives Janklow a slightly bigger lead against Democrat Stephanie Herseth, 47-42.

And as far as those ridiculous voter fraud allegations, there wasn't much there: Only one person, and 15 applications, have been found to be fraudulent. Granted, that's 15 applications too many, but the woman behind those alleged forgeries is facing the consequences. There is nothing to indicate widespread fraud, and any notion the Democratic Party was behind it is beyond ridiculous (and thoroughly rejected by the facts). A quick search through many SD papers found that few have bothered to post updates on the story the past week. (Though the GOP has apparently been trying to keep the story alive through rumor and innuendo in a push-polling campaign.)

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