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Thursday | October 31, 2002

Shaheen has slight edge

The last American Research Group poll of the NH Senate race shows numbers unchanged from a week ago:

October 28-30
Sununu 48
Shaheen 46
ARG polls have been the most charitable for Sununu, as can be seen with their previous efforts:
October 20-22
Sununu 48
Shaheen 46

October 14-16
Sununu 51
Shaheen 43

September 30 - October 2
Sununu 55
Shaheen 34

September 14-18
Sununu 47
Shaheen 38

Let's look at the other recent polls in the race:
October 3-8
Sununu 44%
Shaheen 47%
(Univ. of NH)

October 15-16
Sununu 43%
Shaheen 45%
(Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (D))

October 22-23
Sununu 42%
Shaheen 48%
(Becker Institute Inc.)

So even as ARG forecast sizeable leads for Sununu, other polls showed the two candidates neck-and-neck. All together, Shaheen appears to have a consistent but small lead in the waning days of this campaign. If the numbers for both candidates have stalled, as the latest ARG poll suggests, then I like Shaheen's chances.

(Thanks to CG Ray for the heads-up. I swear, I love having you guys ferret this stuff out for me! Makes my life a ton easier.)

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