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Sunday | November 03, 2002

MN polls all over the place

Actually, the title of this post is misleading. Most polls have shown Mondale with a small but decent lead (5 points or so). However, one poll, by the Pioneer Press/Minnesota NPR shows Coleman with a 46-41 lead.

So to recap:

Mondale 50
Coleman 45

Star Tribune Minnesota Poll (released today)
Mondale 46
Coleman 41

Star Tribune (last wednesday)
Mondale 47
Coleman 39

And the crazy-ass poll from the Pioneer Press and NPR:
Mondale 41
Coleman 46

Hmm, two separate indy polls show identical 46-41 results, which jive (when accounting for MOE) with another indy poll conducted last week. The last poll has the numbers completely reversed, and that poll surveyed 300 less likely voters than the ST poll (929 vs. 625).

I like Mondale's chances.

Aside from that, here's the day's funniest quote:

[A]s political strategists we have to sit back and consider nothing more sophisticated than our guts. And my gut tells me Coleman has lots and lots of political momentum.
Who said the quote? Tom Mason, a spokesperson for the Coleman campaign. So believe it or not, the Coleman campaign believes Coleman has momentum. Who would've thunk it?

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