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Monday | November 04, 2002

Battle of the polls

Zogby's latest batch of polls was clearly good news for the Democrats, and Dick Morris, praising Zogby's accuracy, says the GOP is in trouble:

So . . . Democrats are poised to pick up seats in Arkansas and Colorado. They might take seats in Texas and New Hampshire. Except for a possible upset in Georgia, the Republicans aren't likely to come up with any Democratic scalps.
Richard Benedetto, on the other hand, is taking his cues from the bizarro world USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll that is almost the mirror image of the Zogby numbers.
Key Senate races in Tuesday's congressional elections are too close to call, but Republicans appear to have gained strength in the final weekend as they fight to retain and perhaps add to their thin House majority.

A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll this weekend shows that in House races, likely voters prefer Republicans to Democrats 51% -45%.

The discrepancy between the two polls is huge, and there is clearly something amiss in at least one of these polls. I look forward to analyzing poll performance later this week, but as for now, I am happy to split the difference, say that the key races are tied, and see what fate and the much-ballyhooed Dem GOTV efforts give us election night.

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