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Tuesday | November 05, 2002

Early numbers

Please note that these are early numbers, and the source is unknown so there's no way to vet them. But, for the sake of having something to chew on this early in the day, here's the latest:

Josh Marshall:

AR +18
CO +20
SD +2 or +4
MN +3
NH +6
MO -10
TX -10
GA -3
NC -4 or -6
A "+" means Dem lead. Now, over at Drudge, we get these numbers:
AK: Pryor (D) leads easily
CO: Strickland (D) leads easily
GA: Chambliss (R) +4
LA: Landrieu (D) headed for runoff
MN: Coleman [R] +3
MO: Talent (R) leads
NJ: Lautenberg [D] leads Forrester
NC: Bowles (D) leads Dole [Dole was leading earlier in day]
SD: Thune [R] +3
TX: Cornyn (R) +8
If we take Marshall's numbers at face value, the Dems will pick up two Senate seats. According to Drudge's numbers, the Republicans would gain one seat.

But at the National Review, Matt Lowry writes that Talent is losing in MO, Georgia is a dead heat, and Hutchinson is close in Arkansas. Lowry is also really trying to defuse panic over North Carolina -- noting that exit polls in the 2000 race showed a close race, though Bush eventually won by a comfortable 14 points.

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