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Tuesday | November 05, 2002

Key Races

This was formerly going to track all the offical results sites, but the heck with it. Too much work and I do want to enjoy the night.

ABC News is compiling actual numbers for all races. Very cool.

(all closing times PST, only close races noted):

3 & 4 p.m.
Indiana: 3rd CD, 4th CD
Kentucky: Senate, 3rd CD, 4th CD

4 p.m.
Florida: Guv, 5th CD, 7th CD, 13th CD, 22nd CD, 24th CD
Georgia: Sen, Guv, 11th CD, 12th CD
New Hampshire: Sen, Guv, 1st CD
South Carolina: Sen, Guv
Vermont: Guv

4:30 p.m.
North Carolina: Sen, 8th CD, 13th
Ohio: Guv
West Virginia: 2nd CD (Rockefeller (D) wins seat)

5 p.m.
Alabama: Sen, Guv
Connecticut: Guv, 2nd CD, 5th CD
Illinois: Sen, Guv,
Kansas: Guv
Maine: Sen, 2nd CD
Maryland: Guv, 2nd CD, 8th CD
Massachusetts: Guv
Mississippi: 3rd CD
Missouri: Sen
New Hampshire: Sen, Guv
New Jersey: Sen, 5th CD, 7th CD
Oklahoma: Sen, Guv, 4th CD
Pennsylvania: Guv, 6th CD, 15th CD, 17th CD
Tennessee: Sen, Guv

5:30 p.m.
Arkansas: Sen, Guv

6 p.m.
Arizona: Guv, 1st CD, 2nd CD
Colorado: Sen, 4th CD, 7th CD
Louisiana: Sen
Michigan: Guv, 9th CD, 11th CD
Minnesota: Sen, Guv, 2nd CD, 6th CD
Nebraska: Sen
New Mexico: Sen, Guv, 1st CD, 2nd CD
New York: Guv, 1st
Rhode Island: Guv
South Dakota: Sen, Guv, AL CD
Texas: Sen, Guv, 5th CD, 23rd
Wisconsin: Guv
Wyoming: Guv

7 p.m.
Iowa: Sen, Guv, 1st CD, 2nd CD, 4th CD
Utah: Guv, 1st CD
Nevada: 3rd CD

8 p.m.
California: Guv, 18th CD
Idaho: Guv
Oregon: Sen, Guv,
Hawaii: Guv

10 p.m.
Alaska: Guv

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