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Wednesday | November 06, 2002

Coming Attractions

It's been a crazy bunch of months, and (this is a good thing) work has really picked up for me these past few weeks. So, I will be scaling back my postings a little bit. I'm not going on hiatus, just giving myself some breathing room for at least the new few weeks.

I still plan on analyzing poll performances, either tonight or tomorrow. There will always be breaking news to comment on, and I will consistently provide Open Threads so that the community that has cropped up around these parts can continue to thrive.

And, I will soon start work on my latest and greatest blog project -- the Political State Report. For those who are new around these parts (and considering my traffic lately, that's a lot of you), I am putting together a collaborative weblog with politically astute commentators "on the ground" in all 50 states providing regular reports on local political developments.

I hope to have at least two commentators per state, one representing the left, and another the right. This is not a hard and fast rule -- many states, especially the big, more complicated ones (like California, Texas, and Florida) will probably get more coverage. And when I say "left and right", I am also happy to include Libertarians, Greens, and everything in between.

Several people have already voluntered. I have my list at home, so I can't let you know off-hand what states I have covered, but if you REALLY know what's going on in your state and can write about it effectively, let me know and I'll consider you for inclusion.

A plea to my good friends on the Right: note that I don't have any conservative commentators yet. Please spread the word in your end of the Blogosphere. Having a ideologically diverse contributor's list will allow for "balance" without pretending that news can be free of bias.

Everyone should understand that the new blog won't be a platform for ideological debates -- I am more interested in how local and national events are playing in each state, who the rising stars of each party are, election predictions, etc.

If interested in participating, please email me at


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