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Friday | November 08, 2002

Harold Ford wants to be Minortiy Leader

One of the Democrats' biggest problems this past election was the perception, fairly or unfairly, that the party represented the past -- a perception not helped by the Mondale and Lautenberg candidacies. Now, they have a real chance to change that perception almost overnight: Harold Ford has decided to run for House Minority Leader.

Ideologically, I like Nancy Pelosi best. But, Ford is exactly the type of face the Democrats need at a time like this: young (32), handsome (one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful), from a swing state (TN), he's African American (representing the party's most loyal constituency), and can hold his own in the rough and tumble world of politics (I've seen him shred Hannity several times).

And it could just be rhetoric, but he's saying exactly what I want to hear:

I think my colleagues on the Democratic side are interested in radical change and, if they are, I submit that my candidacy and my leadership would offer that change. It would be not only me, but a whole new generation of leadership.
Anyone who talks about "radical change" has my vote. Sorry Nancy. I love you. I voted for you once (when I lived in SF), but Harold Ford is the future of this party. Let's not delay the inevitable any longer.

Update: Frost has dropped out of the race. He made no endorsement, noting simply that Pelosi has the votes to win.

Update: Kyle in the comments has posted a letter from Frost to his House colleagues that endorses Pelosi (even if that letter may have been penned before Ford belatedly threw his hat in the ring). Happily, no one in the Dem caucus is talking about bolting the party over Pelosi, who appears to have the votes to win.

I'll be happy once the new leadership team is in place, especially if Frost, Ford and Mendendez get choice leadership spots. That way, the party's major constituencies will all be represented.

Yet another update: Freepers seem to be scare of Ford. They're rooting for Pelosi. Makes me like Pelosi even more, but...

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