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Wednesday | November 13, 2002

Homeland agency sans independent 9-11 commission

The Democrat losses in the recent elections were due, in large part, to the Homeland Security Agency.

Originally proposed by Democrats, Bush fought the new agency tooth and nail. When the FBI and CIA started leaking reports that Bush may have known an attack on the US was imminent (despite earlier statements to the contrary), Bush rushed to embrace the new agency to deflect growing voter anger.

But never one to shy away from naked partisanship, Bush fought to strip union protections from workers in the new agency. The Democrats opposed those efforts, including one Sen. Max Cleland from Georgia. His opponent shamelessly impugned Cleland's "courage", despite the fact Cleland had three limbs blown away in Vietnam while his chickenhawk opponent nursed a sore knee.

Cleland and the Democrats lost.

Now, the Administration has the votes to pass the agency, sans union protections. And, in perhaps the biggest, most cynical move yet, the bill's provisions for an independent 9-11 commission have been stripped, even though Bush had reluctantly promised to support it.

While I feel sorry for the union workers, I frankly consider that a secondary issue. If nothing else, perhaps this might end the Teamster and Carpenter's Unions flirtation with the Bush Administration.

But more importantly, the truth about 9-11 is about to get buried by an administration that clearly has something to hide, and a party that will acquiesce to its leader's wishes.

To the victors go the spoils. Sure, the Democrats lost big last Tuesday, but so did the truth.

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