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Friday | November 15, 2002

NOW Senate Dems push unemployment benefits

Why push a good election-year issue before the election when it could wait until after the bloodbath? While Bush and Co. ignore the economy (except for "terrorism insurance", which will supposedly rescue the economy single-handedly. Like the tax cuts were supposed to do), Democrats are desperately trying to pass a bill extending benefits to 820,000 unemployed workers who will lose their benefits three days after Christmas. (What would Jesus do?).

The Dem-led Senate passed a 13-week extension, while the GOP-led House passed only a 5-week extension. Since the House refuses to take up the Senate measure, those 820,000 unemployed will receive coal as stocking stuffers courtesy of the GOP.

Check out this mealy-mouthed answer by Bush spokesman Scott McClellan when asked about the standoff:

The president believes we must address the root of that problem. He is concerned about people that are looking for jobs. He's concerned about people that are worried that they may lose their jobs. And he thinks we need to do more to stimulate the economy and create jobs.
In other words, no unemployment benefits, but a "terrorism insurance" bailout of his insurance industry backers. Why wasn't this an issue two weeks ago?

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