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Tuesday | November 19, 2002

Siegelman conceeds in Alabama

Ending the threat of legal action, Gov. Siegelman conceeded to his Republican opponent. This concession puts Alabama in the GOP column, and gives them a 26-24 lead in governorships.

In the final tally, the GOP lost 1 governorship, while the Democrats picked up 3. The two independent governorships (in ME and MN) split evenly between the two major parties.

The GOP picked up: AK, AL, GA, HI, MD, MN, NH, SC, and VT.

The Democrats picked up: AZ, IL, KS, ME, MI, NM, OK, PA, TN, WI, and WY.

An extraordinary 20 governorships changed parties, out of 36 contested. Democrats did far better in picking up key swing states for 2004. CW is that a governor can give his or her party's presidential nominee a 1-3 point boost through the use of the guvernatorial bully pulpit and state party apparatus.

As such, the following GOP pickups could help Bush's chances in 2004: MN, NH, and VT (17 electoral votes). On the Dem side, we have AZ, IL, MI, NM, PA, TN, and WI (95 electoral votes).

While I hoped the Dems would take the majority of governorships, I'll still take these numbers any day of the week.

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