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Wednesday | November 20, 2002

Next SEC chief to be a Democrat?

Fleischer says Bush may consider appointing a Democrat to head the SEC. I must admit this has to be one of Rove's craftier moves, especially if he indeed does pick a Democrat.

In one fell swoop, Bush would look "bipartisan" while negating the corporate malfeasance issue ("he's doing all he can, even appointing a Democrat to help clean things up!")

Of course, the SEC would continue to be woefully underfunded, and the agency would be cast adrift by an administration that has no interest in cleaning up the mess caused by its most loyal backers. Kind of like the EPA. But with a Democrat in charge the administration can share the blame.

And remember, with the Republican trifecta regime, the GOP has no one to blame for ANY of the country's ills.

Hopefully any Democrat approached by the Bushies will summarily dismiss any invitation to serve. The GOP won the election. Great. Now let them run things. If they can dig this country out of the mess it's in, great. They'll deserve reelection. But Democrats can't give them a foil for any more of their failures.

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