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Thursday | November 21, 2002

Edwards down, Kerry up

Do you need more evidence that Edward's momentum is stalling, while Kerry's is picking up? Rumor has it that star Democratic consultant Bob Shrum will ditch Edward's campaign for Kerry's.

There is no apparent rift, but some insiders posit that Shrum feels less comfortable shaping a faux-centrist campaign like the one Edwards will have to run in 2004, and more comfortable the with standard liberal Democratic dogma of Kerry.

"There was probably going to be some moving about by advisers as things shook out a bit after the election," says a Democratic consultant in Washington. "Then we got hammered, and there seemed to be a real shift in opinion that Democrats were going to have to move left and make a stand. Kerry is in good position to do that."

This article also notes, if you scroll further down, that Kerry (along with Gore) may be helping former Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson oust Terry McAuliffe as head of the DNC. Apparently, McAuliffe doesn't want to let go of his job and will fight to keep it.

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