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Wednesday | November 27, 2002

Cattle Call 2004: 11/27

A little late, but whatever. Here's this week's look at the Democratic Party presidential contenders.

Last week's rankings: 1. Gore; 2. Kerry; 3. Edwards; 4. Dean; misc. others.

1. Al Gore
Received glowing press reviews during press tour, but latest NY Times poll shows his favorable/unfavorable ratings in the dumps while no one is buying his fluff book. Still, it will be a while before anyone knocks him off the frontrunner spot.

2. John Kerry
Quiet week for Kerry. A few positive profiles, and an announcement that he will file a statement of candidacy with the FEC this month. Remember when candidates simply announced their candidacy? Now they leak that they will run. Then they visit Iowa and NH, but deny they are running. Then they play coy, "if the people insist I run, I must oblige." Then they announce that they will (at some point) file with the FEC. Then they file with the FEC, and announce it again. Then they announce the formation of an exploratory committee. Then, a year later, they finally "officially" announce their candidacy and wonder why everyone yawns.

The Republicans pretend they covet a Kerry candidacy, claiming they would love to run against another "Massachusetts Liberal", but I don't buy it. Kerry is not so easily caricatured. And Kerry has been adamant about rejecting the label. Still, his attempts to be the race's "maverick" will be hotly contested by Howard Dean.

3. John Edwards
Edwards makes an important education policy announcement (one free year of college for everyone), and no one pays attention. That's starting to look suspiciously like irrelevance.

4. Howard Dean
More glowing press reviews. Well-received TV appearances. Now if only 99 percent of the electorate knew he existed, he might have a chance.

Others to watch: Daschle, Gephardt, Lieberman, Sharpton, Dodd, Biden, Clark, Feingold, McCain, and Tom Vilsack.

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