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Monday | December 02, 2002

The Bush Administration is out of control

Bush is enraged that -- get this -- UN weapons inspectors are not finding any hidden weapons.

The lack of a confrontation thus far between Iraq and inspectors has the White House worried that the Iraqi president might be winning the early public relations battle by creating an impression that he is complying. Aides said those fears prompted the president and Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites) to deliver separate speeches Monday casting doubt on Saddam's intentions.
How about this -- if the Bush Administration has proof that Iraq is hidding weapons of mass destruction, then release this evidence! Otherwise, shut up. It's telling that the best the Bushies can do is whine:
A regime that fires upon American and British pilots is not taking the path of compliance. A regime that sends letters filled with protests and falsehoods is not taking the path of compliance," Bush said.

He was referring to Iraqi letters to the U.N. protesting terms of the resolution.

Oh no! Saddam is complaining about the terms of the resolution! What is Bush waiting for? Nuke the bastard?

Is Iraq impeding the inspectors? No. But they complained about them! The horror! The humanity!!!!

Jesus. The US is not just losing the PR war. It is being unmercifully slaughtered. One would think that after the stink the US put up (about WMD and all), it would have good intelligence to hand the weapons inspectors. Instead, Iraq is ensuring that Bush looks nothing more than a foaming-at-the-mouth war-mongering lunantic.

Frankly, it's embarassing.

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