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Friday | December 06, 2002

MyDD on the LA beat

In his second lengthy post in as many days, MyDD tackles the Louisiana Senate race, and Landrieu's increasing chances.

After the November 5 elections, Landrieu fired her campaign staff and hired Sen. Johnson's team (which turned back a fierce effort by Bush to oust him -- the only candidate to do so, and in a solid red state to boot). Rather than cozy up to the president and let attacks go unanswered, Johnson's team went on the offensive, and pulled off a narrow victory as a result.

Now, Landrieu is emulating those tactics -- bashing Bush for making a secret deal with Mexico to import 1 billion pounds of sugar which would have a detrimental effect on LA's sugar farmers. The issue has traction in LA and is receiving heavy coverage, which is good news from Landrieu.

Ultimately, the election will come down to turnout. That hasn't changed. But, while I am still pessimistic about Landrieu's chances, she is clearly still in the game.

One interesting side note: Bush had been considering making one last stop in the state today, but apparently that won't happen. That could mean two things:

  1. the Bush team is confident that his previous visit was enough to get Terrel over the hump; or

  2. they don't want to tie themselves too tightly to the outcome of the race, lest Landrieu wins and tarnishes Bush's November accomplishments.
I'm not about to guess at which option is more likely until Saturday night.

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