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Friday | December 13, 2002

Open Thread: waxing philosophical

I'll be checking out now, since I have a holiday party to attend. Here's an open thread to discuss whatever new Friday night horrors Bush may want to inflict on us next (after all, it is Friday the 13th).

This has been a good week for Democrats, but a bad week for our country. We have learned that the leadership of our ruling party is beholden to some of the worst elements of our society. It is uplifting that many people, of all ideological stripes, have spoken against Lott and what he stands for. But he remains in power, and that is a blight on us all.

I can respect libertarian Republicans. I believe strongly that government can and does play a powerful role in improving the lives of people. That's why I am a Democrat. But libertarianism is an intellectual honest philosophy, and one that I can respect. I'll never belittle a conservative making honest libertarian arguments.

It's the Lotts of the world that make me hate Republicans. And, like it or not, they are a powerful (and perhaps dominant) force in the GOP. That I can't respect.

Bigotry and religious self-rightousness shouldn't be the political opposites to the Democratic Party. It would be nice if the GOP just argued (honestly) for smaller government and pro-corporate policies. Those can be honorable concepts (despite my disagreement with them).

Politically, of course, Lott's travails have been an unexpected bonanza for Democrats, and part of me is still rooting for Lott to survive. But regardless the outcome (and this is win-win for the Democrats, at this point) we shouldn't gloat. Structurally, we are not much stronger than we were on Nov 5. The Landrieu win was big, as it constituted a successful shift in tactics in the right direction (left). That's good. But we can't let Lott's misfortunes convince us that everything is fine. We've got a lot of work to do within our own caucus.

It seems both parties have a great deal of soul-searching to do.

But it was a good week for Democrats. Landrieu first. Then Lott. Then Kissinger (as far as "Friday surprises" go, this was a good one). I'm almost sad to see this week end.

Almost. It is, after all, the weekend.

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