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Tuesday | December 17, 2002

MyDD's election post-mortem

MyDD takes one final look at the November elections, and credits the GOP's victory to the Wellstone memorial. While the memorial itself was relatively benign, it did whip up massive radio- and Fox-driven GOP hate-hysteria -- an emotional anti-Democrat tide that crested spectacularly on election day.

The GOP wants to credit national security for their victories. But as MyDD notes, they used that same playbook in Louisiana, and got trounced in two races the CW had already handed Bush (the senate race and 5th CD).

It's easy to see how things could've been completely different had we not lost Wellstone so close to election day. For that matter, what if Thurmond's birthday took place in late October?

What's clear is that our nation's political balance hangs on a razor's edge, which amplifies gaffes and mistakes, and gives political import to almost everything (no matter how benign). For those of you who are moping about the "inevitable" Bush victory in 2004, have you learned nothing? We don't need a political tidalwave to reverse GOP gains -- heck, a slight breeze will do the trick.

And that breeze can come from a lot of place, impossible to predict. Who could've seen the Lott fiasco? Or the Wellstone tragedy?

Next year will be important -- with three southern states holding elections, the Dems ability to compete in the South will be sorely tested. Expect Bush to go all-out to try and garner "momentum" for his 2004 efforts. Expect Democrats to try and "blunt" Bush's efforts.

Everything is important. Everything has meaning. There is no breathing room for either party. More mistakes and "scandals" will engulf both parties, so Dems shouldn't gloat too much. This has become a zero-sum game, and things are not about to let up anytime soon.

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