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Friday | December 20, 2002

Rep had "segregationist feelings"

Expect Republicans to argue that the GOP's race problems were all confined to Lott -- the lone bad apple in their exclusive club. So, how do you explain this?

Responding to Sen. Trent Lott's recent comments, Rep. Cass Ballenger told a newspaper he has had "segregationist feelings" himself after conflicts with a black colleague.

Ballenger, a North Carolina Republican, said former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., so provoked him that "I must I admit I had segregationist feelings." "If I had to listen to her, I probably would have developed a little bit of a segregationist feeling," Ballenger told The Charlotte Observer in Friday's editions. "But I think everybody can look at my life and what I've done and say that's not true.

"I mean, she was such a bitch," he said.

For argument's sake, let's say McKinney was a bitch. Would this give anyone the motivation to enslave and exclude an entire race? Apparently to Ballenger, it would.

Keep in mind that Republicans are probably walking on egg shells right now -- carefully choosing their words when inevitably asked about Lott. Yet here's another yahoo who cannot hide his animosity toward blacks. But there's more! Ballinger admits his supporters are racists!

Ballenger also told the newspaper some of his constituents might empathize with Lott's remarks, but nonetheless called on Lott to resign as the GOP's Senate leader.
And let's not forget Segregationist Ashcroft. Remember, this is a party that has built its support by tapping into racial animus in the South. They cannot now pretend that Lott was an isolated incident. The GOP is chock-full of Lotts, Ballengers and Ashcrofts.

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