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Friday | January 03, 2003

Hatch wants to be a Supreme

Orrin Hatch is making noise (through segregationist pal Ashcroft) about being the nation's next Supreme Court justice. This will present Bush with a real dilemma.

By all indications, Bush desperately wants to nominate his White House chief counsel, former Texas Supreme Court Justice Alberto Gonzales. That selection would further his efforts to woo Latinos and underscore his attempts at inclusion in the Lott era.

On the other hand, the Right is still looking for payback, and will demand a suitable right wing nominee (like Hatch or even Ken Starr). So does Bush piss of his base at a valiant (but ultimately futile) effort to pick up Latino support, while pissing off one of his most important constituencies? Or does he throw in the towel and give the Right its due reward?

I wouldn't want to make that decision...

Oh, and it looks as though Clarence Thomas is now Bush's choice to become Chief Justice if Rehnquist retires. Apparently, this will somehow re-establish the GOP as the Party of Lincoln in the Age of Segregationist Lott.

Jesus. And people accuse the Dems of tokenism?

(via Political Wire)

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