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Monday | January 06, 2003

The Coming Bush Environmental Assault

Frequent contributor Mary brought to our attention a fine piece in Salon from author Glenn Scherer today, outlining what we can expect from a Bush Administration with the likes of Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe now in charge of the Environment and Public Works Committee. Scherer does a fine job identifying the likely targets of Inhofe and Bush, and the record to date of the Bush Administration. But what is most startling is the material Scherer has uncovered that shows that some of the Republican assault is based not just on corporate piracy, but also fundamentalist ideology.

The article is featured in Salonís premium service, so you may have some difficulty in accessing it. But it is worth the try as an eye-opening experience if nothing else.

While reading this, keep in mind how Bush has been able to get to this point without major environmental alarm bells going off amongst the populace, most Democrats, or even the center-left media, who in some cases did not see a threat from Bush at all. Sometimes you do not wake up to a real threat until it is almost too late.

Steve Soto

Posted January 06, 2003 10:26 PM | Comments (12)


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